The Network Collective

Poundland case study


Established in 1990, Poundland is today the UK's largest single price retailer. Poundland's retailing concept is extremely simple: a range of more than 2000 items, each offered for sale at only £1 each - representing amazing value for money.

A fast growing, dynamic business, the company has established a history of target-beating performance. As a result it is now able to capitalise on the benefits and economies of scale available to a large, mature business.


Poundland's IT strategy is to ensure that the quality of its support systems as well as its ability to manage the business effectively always exceeds the requirements of a rapidly expanding business. To this end, over the last few years, Poundland invested substantially in the computerisation of stock control, distribution, and financial and staff management systems with great success. Six months ago it realised that its data network needed to be similarly enhanced.

With more than 150 sites Poundland had some specific needs:

  • A highly reliable and flexible network to support its rapid growth
  • Significant reduction in cost
  • Substantial increase in bandwidth to stores to support future applications
  • A trusted communications advisor which would augment existing in-house expertise
  • High bandwidth to enable in-store customer applications to operate in real time
  • Integration of Citrix and AS400 applications
  • Roll-out of network within seven week period
  • A single, robust SLA incorporating service deliverables especially around new sites


Following on from a comprehensive analysis of Poundland's current requirement, a move from Frame Relay to a DSL-based solution was recommended by The Network Collective as this would achieve the triple aims of lowest cost, greatest change flexibility and a high level of future proofing, thereby supporting proposed growth.

In fully managing the RFP process for Poundland, the Network Collective engaged a wide range of network providers, assessing the relative merits of the solutions they proposed and finally procuring the most optimal solution.

The new solution provides four times as much bandwidth as the old Frame Relay solution with a 30% reduction in annual running costs thus enabling Poundland to roll-out new store applications. Additionally through The Network Collective's extensive market knowledge, the SLA was significantly improved; finally, The Network Collective was also able to negotiate a 20% reduction in Poundland's PSTN call rates. And all of this happened over a period of just two months.


"As an independent company, The Network Collective offered a proven, strategic solution. They brought a huge amount of knowledge to the table for our benefit and we are now in a far better position than we would have been without them. The solution is scalable, flexible and tailored, catering for our needs today, yet provisioning for tomorrow."
Mike Gray, IT Controller, Poundland Ltd


"The Network Collective offered a proven, strategic solution."