ECMWF Case Study

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The Customer

ECMWF (The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) is both a research institute and a 24/7 operational service, producing and disseminating numerical weather predictions to its 34 Member States.

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        The Challenge

        ECMWF had reached a benchmarking date in their existing global WAN contract, and wanted to ensure the pricing was competitive and in-line with market rates. TNC has a huge database of pricing information, gathered during 12 years of advising over 240 large organisations, and so was able to run this benchmarking process for ECMWF. 

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        The Solution

        TNC began by gathering baseline data about the existing global WAN, and then reviewed utilisation and requirements with stakeholders within ECMWF. Following this process, TNC data-mined its pricing database to advise ECMWF about how the commercials in the existing contract compared to what the market currently offered. 

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        The Result

        TNC used its market-leading database of pricing information to show that, while the majority of ECMWF’s network was very well priced, a number of global sites were costing above TNC baseline rates. Based on these findings, TNC compiled a thorough report recommending the customer engage with the supplier to request cost reductions for those areas, as part of their benchmarking process.

        Using TNC’s report, ECMWF was able to align commercials with market-leading pricing, and is now in a strong position to negotiate with their supplier in their ongoing relationship.

        The Network Collective provided the service we were looking for with a minimum of fuss and delivered a clear report which showed the way forward for us.

        Tony Bakker, RMDCN Service Manager at ECMWF

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