Environmental Management Policy

Policy Statement

Network Collective Ltd understands that its operations inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways such as by the generation of waste and use of energy for heating and lighting.

With a commitment to achieving net zero, The Network Collective’s aim is to ensure that our business operation is performed in such a way as to have minimum impact on the environment. The Network Collective believes that this commitment can best be delivered through the following policy objectives:

Policy Objectives

  • Ensuring that The Network Collective’s legal duties, statutory obligations, internal policies and procedures are clear, communicated and complied with at all times.
  • Analysing carbon emissions annually.
  • Reducing our consumption of resources and improving efficiency in the use of these resources.
  • Managing waste generated from our operations, using the circular economy principles.
  • Creating an environment which encourages staff to identify and participate in sustainability initiatives.
  • Providing staff with sufficient training, instruction, information and supervision to develop and encourage environmental awareness.
  • Setting measurable targets to assist with The Network Collective’s goal of continuously reducing its carbon emissions.