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Overcoming the Barriers to AI Adoption in Your Contact Centre

As always when new technologies first arrive, it is easy to get swept up in the hype and believe both in the transformative power of the new….



Insight Article: With SASE on the rise, is time up for SD-WAN?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the big debate in the WAN industry was whether MPLS was dead, slayed by the arrival of SD-WAN, so can we really already be contemplating….


Insight Article: What Does AI Mean for Your Network?

2024 is going to be the year when AI goes mainstream. We all know this because of the hundreds of articles written in 2023 telling us, probably half of which were written using AI in the form in ChatGPT. However, I’m willing to bet that not a single visionary CEO…


Insight Article: The Ultimate Guide to Network and Telecoms Transformation

The complexities of IT network transformation Today’s network landscape is more complex than ever before. Rapidly changing business requirements spurred on by hybrid working and new ways of communicating have added a new level of complexity and strain to…


Cost Reduction

Insight Article: Cost saving in an age of change: How to save money on your telecoms network and services

In our previous insight article on network transformation, we talked about the dramatic shift in technology and communication post-pandemic, and how companies are relying on digital networks like never before due to changing business practices and evolving consumer… 


network transformation

Insight Article: How to Manage Network Transformation and Optimise your Business Case

A changing landscapeThe last few years have seen a dramatic shift in how we all use technology and how we all communicate. Following the pandemic, many companies have seen a change in infrastructure, with a reliance on digital like never before. This coupled with… 


full fiber network

Insight Article: SOGEA, SOTAP, so what?

You’ve probably heard of SOGEA, you may have heard of SOTAP, you may even heard of SOGFAST – these are new products from Openreach that will be vital in the coming years to fill the gap between the withdrawal of the analogue technologies and the nirvana of a full fibre… 


cyber security

ZTNA Roadmap: Steps to Creating Your Strategy

We’re living in an age where cyber security has never been more in the spotlight. With people leading increasingly digital lives and the vast majority of the UK workforce working from home as well as the office, businesses have had to adapt the way they operate… 


cloud revolution

Insight Article: Enterprise Network Design for the Cloud Revolution

Pretty much every organisation now has a cloud-first application strategy and an active programme to migrate as many applications as possible to the cloud.Unfortunately, not every organisation has a network capable of supporting that cloud-first strategy…



Insight Article: End Of The Line – UK ISDN & PSTNs To Be Retired

As with analogue mobile phones, vinyl records, and cassette tapes, the time has come to retire the analogue telephone network and to move to a fully digitised phone network. The older PSTN network has been in place for decades with the copper wiring in some places…



Insight Article: Five Key Factors for Successful Network and Telecoms Procurement

TNC has been helping organisations execute successful network and telecoms procurement processes for more than 15 years. In that time TNC has seen the full range of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through these processes, TNC has come to see 5 key factors that consistently…



Insight Article: What’s the Latest News and Business Cases for 5G?

TNC last wrote a deep dive examination of the use cases for 5G in early 2020, just before the world was turned upside down by COVID-19. With the UK emerging from lockdown, it felt like a great time to look again at where 5G is today, and how those use cases, and the underlying business cases are stacking up…



Insight Article: Untangling the Relationship between SASE and SD-WAN

In one of our recent articles “MPLS vs. SD-WAN vs. SASE” we talked about a technology revolution in the enterprise network market, and concluded that we expect more of our customers to begin their transitions into Phase 3…