What is
Billing Management?

TNC’s Billing Management solution delivers cost savings and enhanced commercial and operational management of all network and telecoms services.

The 8 Key Deliverables TNC provides as part of the Billing Management service are:

  1. Estate Audit – analysis of billing, contracts and inventories
  2. Inventory Build – develop a detailed inventory of all services tracked against the contracts
  3. Optimisation Assessment – report detailing commercial optimisation opportunities
  4. Estate Cleanse – action optimisation opportunities and track cost reduction
  5. Invoice Analysis – ongoing invoice analysis and dispute management via interactive platform
  6. Reporting & Insights - produce unified billing management reports and dashboards to provide valuable data insights
  7. Inventory Change Management – maintain an accurate inventory of services throughout the contract lifecycle
  8. Continuous Optimisation – track key data points against current market rates to make strategic recommendations 

What is
the value to our customers?

TNC’s Billing Management service is valuable to our customers in the following ways:

  • Visibility – access to a unified view of costs, trend analysis and detailed insights into your telecoms estate
  • Management – TNC will manage the ongoing processing of invoices, telecoms vendors and contracts
  • Control – customers have the ability to validate invoices and ensure the accuracy of your inventory
  • Workflow Automation – makes the customer experience as seamless as possible by automating invoice processing, approvals and payment platform integration

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