What is
a Case for Action?

TNC’s Case for Action solution is designed to help organisations secure stakeholder backing and investment funding to deliver new, or refresh existing network and telecoms services. The objective of the solution is to develop a comprehensive and independent Business Case which provides customers with a fully-detailed document setting out objectives, proposed approach, timetable and a high-level commercial case. 

What does
a Case for Action deliver?

  • A range of scenarios to address all key areas of each future solution, utilising the latest technologies, innovative solution designs, best practise principles, and fully leveraging TNC’s unparalleled market insight.
  • TNC’s Case for Action solution provides the independent validation you need to reassure senior stakeholders that investment is required and where applicable a ROI will be achieved
  • A realistic roadmap to source and deliver the network and telecoms service being sought
  • An accurate indication of expenditure, both Capex and Opex that can be expected throughout the lifetime of the contract
  • An accurate indication of any savings that could be achieved

What is
the value to our customers?

  • Using TNC’s documentation will significantly accelerate Business Case creation timelines whilst dramatically reducing the workload on the customer's internal resources
  • TNC’s involvement will give the senior stakeholder team confidence that all commercial, technical, operational and contractual matters are addressed in building its case for action
  • Easy to understand Business Case report which highlights key areas such as TCO and ROI
  • Access to unrivalled market intelligence, especially in the retail industry, and TNC’s experience of working with a range of vendors

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