What is
Direct Renegotiation?
  • Many organisations want to renew contracts with their existing providers, but fear the lack of competitive tension will mean they fail to secure the best possible deal terms
  • TNC’s Direct Renegotiation solution leverages TNC’s market data and insight to secure the best possible commercial, technical, operational and contractual terms through exactly this type of renewal negotiation process
  • In addition to securing market-leading terms, using TNC’s Direct Renegotiation solution provides the validation of results many organisations require to satisfy their governance and compliance requirements

What does
Direct Renegotiation deliver?
  • Drive market-leading pricing
  • Seek improved operational, technical and contractual terms, including enhanced SLAs
  • Build in provisions that account for future business needs
  • TNC will ensure that you can demonstrate to your executives, and other internal stakeholders, that a renewal deal represents optimised value for your business.
What is
the value to our customers?

  • TNC’s unparalleled Subject Matter Expertise and hugely experienced consultancy team ensures the terms targeted and achieved through Direct Renegotiation are not merely aligned with the most competitive terms in the market, but are actually quantifiably better than organisations achieve without TNC’s involvement
  • Using TNC’s Direct Renegotiation not only secures market leading pricing, but significantly advantageous technical, operational and contractual terms
  • Leveraging TNC’s market insight means customers receive the validation they require that the renewal terms are indeed competitive
  • Having TNC drive the negotiation process means significantly reducing the customer’s resource requirements, thus freeing up scarce resources to focus on other projects

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