What is
a Gap Analysis?

TNC’s Gap Analysis Process is specifically designed to enable companies considering renewing services with existing vendors to ensure they are securing the best possible commercial, technical and operational terms. TNC’s Gap Analysis Process delivers two key benefits:

  • Gap Analysis identifies opportunities for further cost savings and wider operational, technical and contractual benefits. The average additional saving TNC identifies through these processes is 12-15% of deal value, as well as a number of wider deal benefits
  • Gap Analysis provides the validation often required by execs to sign off renewal deals through governance and compliance processes

How is
our service industry leading?

TNC undertakes hundreds of telecoms procurement processes every year and from those processes it develops and maintains the widest and most detailed market knowledge, market intelligence, data and expertise. TNC will:

  • Review the proposals, contracts and billing you have from existing vendors, compare these to its understanding of the market, and identifies all the gaps where the proposed renewal terms need to be optimised
  • Provide a comprehensive report that identifies and quantifies the full range of commercial, technical, operational and contractual gaps, along a negotiation strategy to secure these improved terms

What is
the value to our customers?
  • Access to unrivalled market intelligence and TNC’s experience of working with a range of vendors
  • Armed with this insight, you can negotiate and secure improved commercial terms, further cost savings and wider operational, technical and contractual benefits
  • TNC’s Gap Analysis solution also provides the validation you need to reassure senior stakeholders that renewal terms you have agreed are competitive

You receive invaluable decision support collateral allowing you to make the best decision with confidence and often within 2-3 weeks. The average Return on Investment equates to cost savings that are 56 times higher than the fees paid to TNC.

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