What is
Solution Assessment?

TNC's comprehensive and independent review of your network and telecoms services will identify ways in which the current and future performance can be improved through elimination of risks and the alignment to market and industry best practice.

  • Reactive Assessment - Our customers often use TNC’s Reactive Assessment to identify the root cause of performance issues impacting their users and applications.
  • Proactive Assessment - TNC’s Proactive Assessment provides guidance to organisations to ensure its network and telecoms platforms are prepared for the introduction of new applications, for instance Skype for Business with real time media.

Why is
our service industry leading?

Independent expertise is key to this solution – using TNC’s market leading knowledge and insight to identify issues and resolutions that inspire the confidence of all stakeholders:

  • External, independent expertise to either confirm a supplier/internal root cause assessment or suggest a new way forward to resolve the situation
  • Provide analysis on infrastructure lifecycle
  • Comparison of your network solutions to our best practice principles and frameworks for logical design, physical design and high availability design

What is
the value to our customers?

  • TNC’s experienced team includes technicians who have worked in operational and architectural roles, giving them a firm understanding of best practice
  • Easy to understand assessment report which highlights areas in need of immediate attention
  • We offer in-depth explanations of remedies and suggestions of suitable solutions
  • Our experts will produce a plan showing exactly how improvements will be implemented

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