Virtual Breakfast Briefing: As PSTN is switched off you will be surprised by what we’ve learnt

As the great switch off has commenced for 15 million lines in the UK, TNC has been busy helping organisations to identify the services they have today, understand what these services may still be doing, planning what to do next, and crucially, de-risking this whole process.  

We knew these lines weren’t just phone lines, but even we have been surprised by the volume and variety of different services that they are being used for. As many people have long suspected, the combination of years of steadily adding to estates, combined with LOTS of shadow IT is creating a bigger than expected challenge for many organisations, but also a significant opportunity to simplify estates, deliver cost savings, and enable new capabilities for employees and customers.  

In this session we will share with you everything we have learned so far to help you drive your analogue switch-off process, and share tips to help you accelerate and de-risk this.  

We very much hope you’ll join us for this virtual live-only, interactive event on Wednesday 6th December 2023. John Waterhouse, Founder & Chairman, and Craig Northveth, CEO, will be joined by TNC Telecoms Experts. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, hear from your peers and learn from TNC’s unique market insight and expertise that may help you understand the opportunity available. 

Topics to include: 

  • Discussion and update around this seismic change to the UK telecoms’ estate 
  • What we have found helping organisations and lessons learnt 
  • Potential opportunities – their size and how quickly you can recognise these 

Event Details:

When: 8.30 – 9.30am on 6th December 2023

Where: Secure Zoom Meeting

Topic: As PSTN is switched off you will be surprised by what we’ve learnt 

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