Insight Article: The Ultimate Guide to Network and Telecoms Transformation

The complexities of IT network transformation

Today’s network landscape is more complex than ever before. Rapidly changing business requirements spurred on by hybrid working and new ways of communicating have added a new level of complexity and strain to organisations’ network infrastructures and IT resources.

Commercial pressure has also increased at every level against a backdrop of global financial challenges and with a myriad of new and evolving technologies increasingly available, more and more IT leaders are looking for ways to make a positive change and unlock the value of their network and telecoms infrastructures. But many don’t know where to start.

Time for change

Getting started, commercial pressure and new technology innovation aren’t the only stress factors; there are a number of traditional issues faced when managing network and telecoms infrastructures where unique challenges across purchasing, billing, inventory and delivery can feel like roadblocks to progression.

And network transformation (without the right support) can also be a huge drain on resources, with the need to allocate people to manage, track and make sense of it all.

Potential project delays, uncertainty and creeping costs are valid concerns for anyone undergoing a network transformation and this can lead to inactivity, not wanting to take those first steps and burdening already stretched IT teams with drawn out and ineffective transformation projects. But the reality is inactivity is also a business risk; without taking action you risk being left behind by competitors, which could lead to stagnation and impact bottom line profits. 

Demystifying network and telecoms services

At The Network Collective, we like to turn this on its head and demystify concerns around network transformation. Our approach is based on years of expertise in the industry and aims to smooth out the process, accelerate the time it takes to implement change and help you unlock the value in your organisation, whether that’s from your existing infrastructure or making the most of newer innovations that are available.

Our strategy is backed by data and based on first-hand experience, tailored to specific sectors and your individual business needs. And it’s designed to help you save time and enable you to easily benchmark against the wider industry. 

Unlocking value

We’re here to give you the confidence and assurance you need to make the right decision for you and your business. And our expert team can support you through all of the stages of strategy development, procurement, deployment and contract assurance after roll out.

Providing an end-to-end experience across enterprise connectivity, mobility, UCaaS and CCaaS means we have the insights needed to help you understand the opportunity you have and any of the risks you might face along the way too.

Our team can help you unlock value in a number of key areas so you can get the most out of your network transformation:


Using our expertise and experience of billing we can evaluate your entire business to find potential services and rentals that may no longer exist but you may still be paying for. For organisations with multiple sites or numerous billing silos we can aid in sifting through this and making sure your contracts are up to date, giving you peace of mind that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.


As a truly independent organisation we can help monitor and track SLAs across your entire estate ensuring you are getting the best value for your money. We’re here to disrupt and ask questions, so if these are not being met we can assist in changing them and finding you a service provider who will meet your requirements and expectations. 

Inventory management

Tracking inventory across one site or multiple sites is never easy. Whether it’s laptops, mobile phones or devices that stay in the office, you may be being charged for items you don’t need to be. We can help you track and identify any parts of your inventory that aren’t needed or no longer exist, potentially saving you time and money.

Giving you the confidence to accelerate change 

We’re focused on driving business outcomes and helping organisations like yours achieve shared success at every stage of the journey by:

Consulting with you

Using our sector-specific strategy, we can help you accelerate the early stages of the network transformation process. We then build on this, working with you to create a tailored approach designed around your business, helping you to find a solution and a service provider that meets your needs during the procurement process and beyond. 

Deploying solutions

We pride ourselves on giving you confidence and assurance at every level of your business through our expertise, experience and use of high-quality data and industry specific metrics. And because we’re truly independent, you can be sure you’re getting the best advice and solution for your needs. We know transitioning between different suppliers can be complex, so our team is on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and to schedule. 

Managing outcomes

Once the transformation has taken place we stay by your side, giving you peace of mind and security that you’re getting the agreed service levels and support from your provider. We provide independent performance monitoring and work closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes post-deployment, so we’ve built up a wealth of insights and data on service providers from real-life case studies. Using this knowledge, we can give you a holistic view of the entire supply chain so you’ll feel confident in your network transformation journey from start to finish. 

As the UK’s trusted guide to network and telecoms services, we’re focused on making the industry work better for everyone. Ready to start your journey? Contact our team today. 

TNC supports the sourcing of network and telecoms services for 20% of all major corporate organisations in the UK


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