Podcast: 4 Key Considerations For Your CX Strategy

Joining TNC’s podcast host, CTO Craig Northveth, to share her expertise is TNC’s Principal Consultant, Clare Tyndall.

In this episode Craig and Clare discuss TNC’s 4 key considerations for your CX strategy. This subject is topical now because customer expectations are changing, and legacy technology has serious limitations in our digital world.

There are several lenses through which to approach a successful CX strategy and our discussion will focus on the following:

Customer Lens

  • Acceptance of digital channels
  • Changing demographic
  • Acquisition and retention opportunities
  • Omnichannel

Operational Lens

  • Hybrid working
  • Cost challenge
  • Agent experience

Technology Lens

  • Legacy lifecycle
  • Supplier landscape
  • Rise of AI

Commercial Lens

  • Business case complexity

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A quick reminder about TNC:

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✅ We support over 280 major UK and multinational organisations

✅ We deliver the full lifecycle of Strategy, Sourcing, Deployment and In-life Managed Services, such as billing management, vendor management and in-life service management for all types of network and telecoms services

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