Podcast: Enterprise Network Design for the Cloud Revolution

Joining TNC’s podcast host, CEO John Waterhouse, to share his expertise is TNC’s CTO, Craig Northveth.

In this episode John and Craig discuss what are the key steps organisations need to take to ensure their network is effectively and optimally designed to enable their cloud application strategy.

It pays to remember that proactively designing your network ready for cloud enablement is cheaper than doing it reactively.

Tactically fixing a network that is not fit for purpose results in you having less choice and therefore more cost. Whereas if your network transformation is strategic and planned there are opportunities to take cost out of legacy networks, whilst improving the flexibility, the agility and ensuring you have direct cloud access with the right level of security.

The key questions answered in this session include:

  • What are the main challenges facing network architects today?
  • What are the consequences of the network not being optimally designed? And why can’t I just iterate the network “as I go”, during my cloud application deployment?
  • What does good look like in terms of a cloud enabled network?
  • What are the key steps organisations should be taking to maximise cost, performance and best practice?

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A quick reminder about TNC:

  • We are the UK’s largest independent telecoms professional services consultancy
  • We support over 280 major UK and multinational organisations
  • We deliver the full lifecycle of Strategy, Sourcing, Deployment and In-life Managed Services, such as billing management, vendor management and in-life service management for all types of network and telecoms services

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